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My videos:  

I know it says videos in plural, but below is my only posted video thus far.  I have tons of video footage, including underwater pond footage that I still have to go through.  Hopefully I will have some spare time to get these posted soon.

This HD 1080P squirrel video is only a minute long, but be patient as nothing really happens for the first 35 seconds or so as I was waiting for her to finish before offering another peanut.  

While making the video was a fun experience, I do not hand feed them anymore nor do I recommend it. Hand feeding them only makes them fearless. This is dangerous for them and an annoyance to you because they will become more and more bold.

Eventually it becomes an annoyance when trying to relax on your patio while having a squirrel digging its razor sharp claws in your skin to beg for some food. While this might sound fun, they can also carry bubonic plague infected fleas.


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