Japanese Koi Fish, Turtles, Plecos, Frogs and more backyard pond fun. - A collection of high quality backyard wildlife photos.

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Pond life:  

Their current home is fairly small, so I know the day is coming where they will grow up and have to move out.  Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy the time we get to spend together.

I have provided the Disqus section below each page so that you can leave a comment, ask a question or share one of your backyard wilfdlife photos or stories with us.

You can click a single image below or you can view the full slideshow.

Purple tropical water Lily with quater sized red ear slider below
Quarter sized red ear slider caught in torrent of hungry koi
Hungry Koi at feeding time
Two red ear slider turtles basking in the sun
Quarter sized red ear slider basking in the sun
Female Bullfrog
Female bullfrog patiently waiting for prey
Female bullfrog patiently waiting for prey on lilypad
Female bullfrog patiently hiding in spike plant for prey
Koi under the water Lilies


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Birds Lizards Pond LifeSquirrelsMore

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