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A New Killer...

A collection of high quality backyard wildlife photos.
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I chose to not post photos or video this time.  You can search YouTube if this is the sort of thing you like to see.

I have written about monster koi a few times, but today was unexpected. Over the last few months I have noticed an unusual amount of bird feathers or parts in the backyard. Since I have chased the neighbor’s cat out of the yard a couple times, I assumed it was a cat…

Yesterday came my opportunity to finally solve the mystery with some certainty as to what was happening. This time the feathers were all over my patio furniture which is an area covered by the surveillance cameras. All I would have to do is search through the recoded footage which shouldn’t be too time consuming as the cameras are set on motion record.

To tell the truth, I really wasn’t prepared for what I found. It was one of those soft little fluffy, bushy tailed, wouldn’t hurt a fly, squirrels! Yes a killer squirrel, a monster squirrel.  One of those ‘I am just innocently foraging for nuts to feed my family’ squirrels.  Boy was I wrong about squirrels.

The scuffle begins underneath a bench which is blocking view of the camera, but all off a sudden after just watching shadows and outlines, the squirrel jumps up on the seat and begins to munch on the bird carcass. It is not clear if he stalked and killed the bird or if he took advantage of an easy meal from the remains of someone else’s handiwork, but he is clearly enjoying the meal.

All he left was a pile of feathers which were strewn about in similar fashion to previous finds. Part of the mystery is solved, yet part remains. I searched and searched to see if the cause of death could be attributed to another animal, but apparently the motion detection level was not set high enough to detect what happened under the bench. This change in setting was a result of excessive recordings of wind or birds setting it off prior. A decision which I now regret.

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