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Turtle Beach

A collection of high quality backyard wildlife photos.
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Today I setup a new beach area for the turtles to bask.  I already have a large rock in the middle of the pond that they use, but the turtles are growing and I wanted to provide them with a larger basking area.

To make the beach, I removed about six inches of soil and used landscape fabric to prevent weed growth.  I topped it off with a covering of sand.  I surrounded the beach area with larger rocks and a turtle cave as you can see in the photos.

I setup a bridge which serves as a ladder for easy access out of the pond since the turtles are still too small to climb out over the pond liner edge.

To provide moisture, I added another mister head to the existing misting system.  The mister is setup on a porgrammable electronic timer.  You can see it in action in the photo below:

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