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Lizard Remains

A collection of high quality backyard wildlife photos.
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I was greeted with another pond death today.  This time I am fairly certain that this is one of the larger green anole lizards.  While there is no green color evident in this photo, the smooth skin and toe pattern are clear indications that this was an anole lizard.

Since anole lizards do not swim or drink from ponds, I am not entirely certain how he would have ended up in the pond except for accidentally falling in.  There is one spike plant which overhangs the edge of the pond.  My best guess and opinion is that he fell to his watery grave from this spike plant.

I still wonder if the koi began to eat him while he was struggling to get out of the water or if like vultures, they awaited his death.  Like with the partially consumed bird that I found a few months back, I find myself wondering if this is normal or if I am the owner of killer koi.

I apologize if you are bothered by this image or if you have a weak stomach.

Anole Remains After Encounter with Killer Koi

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