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Cockatiel Visitor

A collection of high quality backyard wildlife photos.
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Femail Cockaiel on my shoulder
I was hanging out in the patio area with some friends for a backyard barbeque yesterday.  People were eating and the music was playing when an unexpected visitor flew in... a female cockatiel.

While flocks of hundreds of wild parrots are not an uncommon sight around here, cockatiels are not, so this was obviously someone’s escaped pet.

I didn’t really know what to do as I didn’t want to capture it even though this would probably be the best way to ensure its survival.  I took more of a wait and see approach.  Not making any attempts to fly away, we offered it some black oil sunflower seeds as it fearlessly interacted with everyone as it went from person to person.

Female Cockaiel eating black oil sunflower seeds
It seemed to be really hungry and yet content just sitting there making a mess while eating sunflower seeds.  The people didn't seem to bother it nor the semi-loud music.

For some reason it didn’t seem to be as tidy an eater as the wild birds that can cleanly remove the sunflower seed without crushing the hulls.

Anyway, I know that people will say that I didn’t do enough, but I went door to door for several blocks in search of its owner.  With no luck, I waited two weeks before giving it to a friend who owns other cockatiels.

This friend kept it separate to ensure its health before mixing it with the other birds where it now lives.

Female Cockaiel side profile

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