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I noticed this paper wasp nest under the eve on the side of my house and my first instinct was to destroy it... But, I decided to go to google first...
theMrGabe | 13/8/2015
It has been a couple months since I have last posted and equally long that I had last seen any sign of the anoles which...
theMrGabe | 4/7/2015
I suppose you never really know what you might find in your own backyard...
theMrGabe | 7/5/2015
This morning I found an unexpected surprise in the patio area... A hummingbird...
theMrGabe | 1/4/2015
A friend stopped by today with a painted turtle looking for a new home. While I am not running a notwildlife refuge...
theMrGabe | 14/3/2015
The Parrots are back! Well, sort of… This is the second time I have seen them this this week...
theMrGabe | 10/3/2015
This weekend a female cockatiel came to visit.
theMrGabe | 11/1/2015
So you inadvertently trapped an opossum, now what?
theMrGabe | 6/8/2014

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