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Bird Remains

A collection of high quality backyard wildlife photos.
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When I return home from work, I am normally greeted by a mob of hungry fish.  All gathered at the surface of the closest edge of the pond.  All chomping away at the air as if I have already thrown food in.  Today was noticeably different as the fish appeared to be in their normal frenzy, but not above water surface as usual.  This time they were all in the deep end swimming back and forth frantically.

Since, it didn’t really hit me at first, I proceeded to toss in a handful of their favorite food.  To my surprise, several minutes passed and none of them came to the surface to eat.  This is when I noticed a high amount of feathers in the water.

Upon closer investigation, they were all frantically munching on something.  This is when I grabbed the skimmer net and to my surprise, pulled out the remains of a small bird.

I apologize if you are bothered by this image or if you have a weak stomach.

Bird remains after encounter with Killer Koi

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